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amazing wines

Wine Barista is a selection of ready-to-enjoy high-quality wines in a 100ml format that is ideal for events, gift sets or take-away meals.

A solution for

events, corporate gifts or wine tasting activities.

Offer a unique tasting session with Wine Barista mini bottles (each containing 100 ml) in an innovative and original box set format. Opt for a ready-made selection for your blind tasting or masterclass, including single varietals or famous appellations, or create your own bespoke box set.

A solution for

wine shops or fine foods stores.

Enrich and diversify your product offering with Wine Barista box sets. Create original and bespoke box sets from our selection of 100 ml mini bottles (one-glass serving) or choose from our experts’ ready-made selections.

A solution for

Restaurant, Hotel or Catering services.

Develop your wine offer and increase average spend by 30% thanks to Wine Barista’s mini bottles. Offer your customers top quality wines by the glass, for table service, to take away or for room service.

Wines selected fromenvironmentally responsible vineyards

Wine Barista is a selection of high-quality wines chosen by wine tasting expert Béatrice Dominé and approved by French Master Sommelier Laurent Derhé. Wine Barista is also the guarantee of an environmentally responsible selection – over 40% of the wines are certified organic or for High Environmental Value and 55% come from sustainable winegrowing or vineyards under conversion to organic. A large choice of easily approachable and premium wines from France and abroad.

Multiple benefits for your business


Including varietal wines and famous appellations, our 30 wine listings have a three-year best-before period, during which the wines conserve their optimum taste.


Create your own selection or choose from our experts’ ready-made selections. Excite customers with original food and wine pairing suggestions and a regularly changing selection – the possibilities are endless.

Unique format

These premium wines come in unique little glass bottles (100 ml = a one-glass serving) and meet the exact same standards as standard 750 ml bottles. Every bottle is 100% recyclable and prices start at €2.40 for an amazing glass of wine.


Behind these elegant mini bottles is the Nantes-based company D-Vine, which has mastered the art of serving wine by the glass and equipped these pretty tubes with a QR code. Simply flashing them with your phone allows you to learn all about the wine.

An established customer base

Since March 2020, we have helped over 300 restaurants and hotels to boost their sales by selling a dish of the day plus a glass of wine.

Wine Barista works with wine producers and businesses seeking a new concept

Wine Barista is a new wine selection designed by D-Vine’s chief wine adviser Béatrice Dominé for businesses seeking to offer an original and high-quality food or wine related experience or activity. With Wine Barista, it is now possible to create a fantastic remote experience – with wine.

With a constant commitment to origin and taste, our wine selection fits in perfectly with the maxim of one of our producers Amélie Néau: “Rooted in history and focused on the future”.

Amélie is the ninth generation of winegrower at the Domaine de Nerleux wine estate, which she began converting to organic winegrowing in 2018. The Wine Barista wine list today comprises the wines of some thirty or so producers who, like Amélie, pay special attention to sustainability and the future of their vineyards.

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